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Welcome!  Golf Tournament Caddies is a full-service golf tournament consulting and management company and the first step to making your next event the best it can be.  Whether you need just a push in the right direction or total tournament guidance from start to finish, we can be there lending our professional advice.  If you're thinking of planning a tournament or thinking your annual event needs a makeover, we can familiarize you with the latest and greatest trends and merchandise to have your participants coming back year after year.

No matter what your goals are, we can help accomplish them.  Let us help turn your stress into success.  We are experts in "fun-raising!"  Contact us to discuss your specific needs and prepare to host the event you've dreamed of! 
Q: Why do I need a golf tournament consultant?
A: These days, many tournaments are placed in the hands of people who are not familiar with the game or are not familiar with how to make an event the most profitable it can be.  Let us help your event soar!

Q: Will a tournament consultant really make that big a difference?
A: YES!  Let us show you how to sell out your tournament, pick the right format, make money with sponsors AND how to get everything paid for.  Let us bring in the best merchandise and auctions.  It WILL pay off.

Q: What if I just have a few questions and don't need full tournament management?
A: No worries, we're here for you!  We are available as little or as much as you need us.  A few hours or a few months, email to get a quote.

Q: What's the difference between tournament consulting and tournament management?
A: Consulting is providing direction and planning on an hourly or "as needed" basis.  Golf tournament management is a full-service amenity, which oversees every aspect of your event, starting with golf course selection and finishing with thank you notes and participant surveys following the event.

Q:  Will my guests notice a difference?
A:  They will!  Plus, we'll teach you how to get them to sign up for next year's tournament before they've even left the course!  Call 281-798-1860 today to learn this and other great tips!

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